Friday, May 20, 2005

26 Things - April 2005

Here are my results for the April 2005 Photographic Challenge.

1. Direction... is given to ships along the channel when these big buoys are placed for the shipping season.

2. Used by people driving by in their cars, tossed aside for somebody else to clean up.

3. Carry Mother's Day flowers from daughter & family, my son-in-law.

4. Falling from Wixom Lake through the dam into the river.

5. Permanent fixtures in Michigan - road repair cones and barriers.

6. Connection... is made when grandpa attends grandparents day at school.

7. Unfamiliar in appearance? It's a lamp!

8. Silence in the daughter's band room.

9. Pile of classy hats - same band room.

10. In/Out - doors in the butterfly house at the Dow Gardens.

11. Amazing Technicolor Coat - latest play at granddaughter's high school. She wasn't in this one but her mother & brother played in the pit band.

12. Sometimes you must fight back and Silversides did her job for us in World War II.

13. Every Day the city where I grew up dies a little bit more.

14. Can't Live Without a good hot shower!

15. On the Move - the Lake Guardian, normally stationed on Saginaw Bay, moves swiftly into the channel at Muskegon.

16. Holding Back earth is still being accomplished by this beautiful old stone wall.

17. Out of Control - flood waters AND passersby who so casually toss garbage out of their car windows.

18. Awe Inspiring butterfly is 'hiding' on the flower at Dow Gardens Butterfly display.

19. Just a Sample... of what you will see in a visit to the Dow Gardens.

20. On The Edge... of a very long trip down to the waterfront in a little roadside park.

21. Do You See What I See? The goldfish sure did a good job of hiding, creating a perfect 'abstract' picture!

22. All Grown Up... One minute she's a baby, next she's a mom, a teacher, and so much more. My daughters - this photo of Sharba at work represents all six of them. I am so proud.

23. What The... heck is this? Some of the family caught goofing off at an Easter get-together.

24. Making it Official - grandson during his recital, a requirement for one of his college courses.

25. In Twos - the pigeons enjoying a springtime sip of water down on the river.

26. Unfinished Business - sits on my sewing machine waiting for me to fulfill a promise.