Monday, January 03, 2005

26 Things Christmas 2004 Photographic Scavenger Hunt

...and here they are:

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1. Who is to say what really IS a tree?

2. Choose a gift, any one. There's enough for everybody.

3. Best part of any holiday is family!

4. We are thankful the river is not rising even though we are having an early January thaw.

5. 'Tis the season for Ebenezer Scrooge and his tribulations.

6. It is a special joy to see a child play music just because he wants to!

7. The annual search for these Christmas nougats is tradition in my house.

8. The New Year's Eve meal is a delightful array of treats.

9. Stopped on our way to Grand Rapids to catch this day view of a lovely park in Carson City, MI.

10. The same park a couple of weeks earlier at night.

11. I'm not on vacation now... my boat is!

12. This is the source of light for our new fiber optic Christmas tree. I love it!

13. Even the youngest can show his generosity by being Santa Claus.

14. Always present in Michigan... those infernal orange barrels.

15. What is The Christmas Carol without the Spirit of Christmas Present?

16. A January birthday requires running an errand to the local Secretary of State office.

17. Reviewing instructions for the new tree... arms outstretched. Are new bifocals in order?

18. Truth - stranger than fiction - handicap sign for little people??

19. We are always welcome to spend money at our favorite department store!

20. Marley's ghost... make that Ms. Marley please, tries to reach out to Scrooge to mend his ways.

21. I love chocolate but it's oh so bad for you!

22. A heap of beanie-pebble stuffed toys just waiting to be wrapped for Christmas.

23. Snow fences provide winter protection at a favorite beach.

24. My fluffy Bubba cuddles up to my giant fluffy toy kitty.

25. Shepherds huddle around heat of the fire while creating a living Christmas card. Sometimes when a picture doesn't turn out, we must 'punt' and so I did! Thank heaven for PhotoShop Elements.

26. What can be more picture perfect than a warm day in late autumn?