Saturday, September 25, 2004

26 Things - September - the easy one

01. frame - I took this photo before I knew about the new 26 things project... windows in the stairwell of #2 grandson's college dorm. I loved the way it framed the view.

02. glass - New glass... old window frames wore out and these new ones will replace them. Oh happy day!

03. arrow - The arrows on this sign made me almost glad our tires were low! What a photo op... just when I needed arrows!

04. numbers - Numbers on part of the control panel of my little ol' truck.

05. small - On the beach are remnants of somebody's bad habit. Too many people foul the air and our beaches with this tiny but nasty garbage... and the ash from these stinky things adds toxins to the soil as well.

06. open - Beach snow fences are in place but here's an open spot to go through.

07. fruit - Fruity place mats: 99 cents apiece - Happiness provided: priceless!

08. wheel - this case 6 wheels.

09. plastic - Recycled plastic provides comfort and enjoyment for visitors at state parks around Michigan; now abandoned because summer is 'officially' over.

10. cover - Okay, now I'm showing off! This is the cover on my newest toy.

11. natural - The blue heron's natural habitat on our little lake in the woods.

12. Saturday - We spent the evening of 9/11/2004 here.

13. multi-coloured - I love the abstract multi-colored appearance of long green moss flowing in the waves, the greyish rocks, and the rootbeer color of the river.

14. home - This entrance takes you into home for many students during the school year.

15. shadow - Wasn't gonna do my own shadow again... but I had to! This is yours truly standing in front of a snowfence just installed on one of my favorite beaches.

16. sticky - Not posed... the egg slid out of it's shell, missing the frypan. Before cleaning it I had to get my camera out! You think this is gross? You should see what slid down further - under the cook surface.

17. clean - Extremist activists demanded installation of this cleaning station in a local park. Nobody uses it but it sure is ugly!

18. foot - Imprints of both of my feet at the beach.

19. sport - Fishing and watching fishermen... both are great sport during the annual salmon run upstream.

20. round - Round is the center of this big ship's propeller near the entrance to Ludington's public boat launch.

21. group - A group of gulls congregate on the beach near a boat launch, waiting for fishermen to bring in the day's catch.

22. man made - This pile of firefighter's outer wear reminded me of September 11, 2001... hard working men had just squelched a motorhome fire at a rest stop on a beautiful sunny September day and were cleaning up the foamy mess left in the parking lot.

23. half - Yes this is half of a sculpture near the Computer Lab at Central Michigan University. Want to see the other half? Walk around to the other side of it!

24. path - Closeup of a path in a local park where a tiny little plant pushed bravely through the gravel!

25. full - a full UpWords Scrabble board. David just had to know if all the letters were there!

26 - The End - The end of the Big Sable River... as it flows into Lake Michigan.

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