Wednesday, January 11, 2006

26 Things - November 2005

Click this picture to see the results of my latest 26 Things photo scavenger hunt. Tracy's photographic scavenger hunt challenge seemed more difficult this time. I guess I had the added struggle of learning how to live alone for the first time in my life. A house and yard seem a whole lot bigger when it's your sole responsibility, but I'm slowly, gradually, finally getting accustomed to it.

Click on the photo - or here - to see the whole collection of my 26 Things.

Monday, September 12, 2005

MM is my only current meme project!

monday madness
1. I'm at my best in the early morning. True

2. I start each day with a healthy breakfast. Not sure how healthy but True - I start with breakfast.

3. I'm always sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. True - can't get along without it, usually it's more like 8 hours. (This is without alarm clock)

4. I enjoy my job. True - don't really have a 'job' anymore but I like doing some of my special projects that are basically 'jobs.'

5. I get along with most everyone. True

6. I'm looking forward to the new season of tv shows this year. True - even HBO and the other movie channels have very few things actually worth watching, but I have a few favorites on regular TV.

7. I make sure I take some time for myself every day. True??? - Well, I hope so!

Monday, August 15, 2005

26 Things - July 2005

Here at last are my 26 Things for July 2005. Can't get at Tracy's website to post them but I'm not about to let that stop me. Enjoy. I'll s'plain some of them to keep you from wondering... or wandering for that matter. Click the pic to see it actual size - up close and personal!

01. discarded: While folks complain about chemicals we've lived with for decades in our river, some continue to discard their junk where 'nobody can see it.' Looks like this location contains tires and an old propane tank.
02. Sunday: This is typical Sunday evening on the beach in Muskegon... catamarans stored behind the bushes, locked together and waiting for another sunny day.

03. Sleep: It comes easy if you're an orange Tabby named Goober. Top of the oak roll-top desk, nestled among a few teddy bears is his new favorite place to sleep. 04. Round: as a ball, I spotted this tiny little bobber, lost by a fisherman near the dam at Ludington State Park in the Sable River. With my handi-dandi Panasonic Lumix with 12x optical zoom, I was able to get right up to it. Cool, eh?
05. Light up: Loved the tropical look I achieved with this tree in the foreground of another glorious sunset lighting up Lake Michigan.
06. Important: This year I was fortunate to finally visit the people's house in Lansing, MI... that's right, this was my first view of the Michigan House of Representatives.
07. Profile: This friendly pigeon (aren't they all?) just begged for me to photograph his profile during a springtime visit to the beautiful waterfront area in Bay City, MI.
08. Unkept: We've been unable to get any closer to a local park along the Tittabawassee River this summer - all summer long - because an overly powerful government agency included it on their 'hit-list' of 'facilities' this year. 400 private residential homes are also included on that hit-list, an unprecedented invasion on private property. Workers have been at the park all summer long, upgrading it to rigid DEQ specifications so we can enjoy it again. Meanwhile, along the driveway, thistles and other weeds flourish.
9. Impressive: Another toughy, I finally decided on this impressive view of one of the stadiums at Central Michigan University.
10. Layers: Yup, layers of walkways make much of my favorite state park user friendly for people in wheelchairs. I think it's great but actually I've yet to see a wheelchair there... and we visit frequently every summer. It DOES however, give us a more vigorous workout that just walking casually along the water's edge as we did when our kids were small.
11. Eat: Here we ladies enjoy the carcass of Kaybee's famous smoked turkey! It's all that was left after my family hit the table the day before. Okay I cheated... that's me in the middle and the photo is compliments of my better half. 12. Celebrate: My youngest grandchild celebrates Father's Day with his dad way up in the tippy top of a ferris wheel.
13. Clear: Ya don't think so? I was looking down at this doorway at the Michigan Library and Historical Center in Lansing. The abstract pattern effect is reflection of a pool located on that level designed with a colorful map of Michigan.
14. Baby: Just a reminder that to a mom her kids will always be her kids. This one is my baby... that's right, the last born in a family of six wonderful women!
15. Six: Earlier we were wondering... where are the geese? We see less geese this year than previous years but we enjoyed watching these fellas bobbing for fish in the Sable River.
16. Stamp: Found this rubber stamp in the souvenier shop at the Big Sable Lighthouse last summer.
17: Faux: I knew I'd find a use for this photo! It's a cake I baked for Easter dinner this year. That's right folks, them chix and eggs ain't real. ;-)
18. Photographer: The granddaughter poses at the end of a tiring full day of posing for her senior picture. Her grandpa is the photographer of choice... but her mom is busily directing both of them. Gramps got lots of great shots BTW. 19. Publication: New restrictions for fishermen are prominently displayed along the river.
20. Storage: Lots of interesting & important information about the Water Wonderland State of Michigan is stored in this beautiful building.
21. Floppy: Mike likes to wear his floppy rubber britches when he helps his favorite father-in-law with chores at the lake.
22. Parking Sign: At my favorite home improvement store, Menard's. I liked building's texture.
23. Entertainment: It's always the finest when my grandkids are involved! My youngest granddaughter shares her beautiful singing voice with her high school choir. What a joyful noise!
24. Mixed Bag: Daughter Pam's back yard... she created and made the special trellis herself... and it actually sports a plastic bag of those gorgeous pink flowers!
25. Aged: It may be old... but picturesque... this old sunken dock on our little lake near Lake Michigan.
26: Down the Street: Local sheriff's department was practicing diving just down the street 2-track from us.

Friday, May 20, 2005

26 Things - April 2005

Here are my results for the April 2005 Photographic Challenge.

1. Direction... is given to ships along the channel when these big buoys are placed for the shipping season.

2. Used by people driving by in their cars, tossed aside for somebody else to clean up.

3. Carry Mother's Day flowers from daughter & family, my son-in-law.

4. Falling from Wixom Lake through the dam into the river.

5. Permanent fixtures in Michigan - road repair cones and barriers.

6. Connection... is made when grandpa attends grandparents day at school.

7. Unfamiliar in appearance? It's a lamp!

8. Silence in the daughter's band room.

9. Pile of classy hats - same band room.

10. In/Out - doors in the butterfly house at the Dow Gardens.

11. Amazing Technicolor Coat - latest play at granddaughter's high school. She wasn't in this one but her mother & brother played in the pit band.

12. Sometimes you must fight back and Silversides did her job for us in World War II.

13. Every Day the city where I grew up dies a little bit more.

14. Can't Live Without a good hot shower!

15. On the Move - the Lake Guardian, normally stationed on Saginaw Bay, moves swiftly into the channel at Muskegon.

16. Holding Back earth is still being accomplished by this beautiful old stone wall.

17. Out of Control - flood waters AND passersby who so casually toss garbage out of their car windows.

18. Awe Inspiring butterfly is 'hiding' on the flower at Dow Gardens Butterfly display.

19. Just a Sample... of what you will see in a visit to the Dow Gardens.

20. On The Edge... of a very long trip down to the waterfront in a little roadside park.

21. Do You See What I See? The goldfish sure did a good job of hiding, creating a perfect 'abstract' picture!

22. All Grown Up... One minute she's a baby, next she's a mom, a teacher, and so much more. My daughters - this photo of Sharba at work represents all six of them. I am so proud.

23. What The... heck is this? Some of the family caught goofing off at an Easter get-together.

24. Making it Official - grandson during his recital, a requirement for one of his college courses.

25. In Twos - the pigeons enjoying a springtime sip of water down on the river.

26. Unfinished Business - sits on my sewing machine waiting for me to fulfill a promise.